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Disclaimer & copyrights...

All the contents found in www.macalleblues.it (texts, pictures, videos, layout, etc.) with the exception of the covers of the material here reviewed and whereas otherwise and expressly suitable, exclusively belong to the author, manager and owner of this site. What is not referable to the owner of this site but, however, here published has to be considered of public domain or freely granted to the owner by third party (in the case, opportunely quoted).
The contents offered by the website are freely enjoyable, submitted to preventive controls, compiled, I do believe, with care, diligence and honesty. Premised that, I refuse, however, any responsibility, direct and indirect, towards the users and, in general, of third party for possible inaccuracies, mistakes, verifiable omissions in the aforesaid contents.
All the rights are reserved. It is, therefore, prohibited the reproduction of all the website contents, even if only partial and in any form and by any mean possible without explicit written permission, given by the author upon request by using the Contact section.
In case of, certainly, not deliberate event that some author would found the violation of one of his rights due to the material discovered in this website, it will be my care to quickly eliminate the incriminated content or to quote its source, upon written signaling by the one involved.

Privacy e cookie...
As an any other internet website, www.macalleblues.it acquires some data whose transmission is implicit however in the same use of the Internet Communication Protocols. Among these data, for what concerns www.macalleblues.it, they include IP addresses or the domain names used by the visitors connected to the site. These data could be just used for statistic purposes related to the use of the site itself.
The data could be used, also, to check responsibility in case of crimes against the site.
The dispatch of messages through the Contacts section involves the acquisition of the sender's e-mail address, as well as possible other personal data included in the message. These data won't be in any way divulged or assigned to third party to exception of possible applications of the Authority.
Visiting www.macalleblues.it the visitor agrees to the use of cookies. The cookies are small text files saved on the web browser used by the visitor to surf the web; they serve both merely for funcional reasons, therefore for the correct delivery of the services offered by the site and to trace and file information on the actions of the visitors and on the use of the sites.
It is specified that www.macalleblues.it does not use profiling cookies, but just technical cookies essential to the operation of the site only and, for which, an explicit consent is not in demand as implicitly approved by using the web.
www.macalleblues.it could contain link connections to other websites that make a different use of the cookies or that have an own informative specification for which www.macalleblues.it is not responsible.

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