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The founder nucleus of the Macallè Blues Festival, in 1993, were composed of Davide Vergagni, Fabrizio Marravicini, Beppe Aime, Antoinetta Catale, Fausto Montanari, Giovanni Robino, Basilio Campisi and Beppe Pelizza.

During the years and for different reasons, some of the native members will estrange from the active share to the organization of the festival, leaving space to others (Fiammetta Bellone, Mario Diamante and others too) that will alternate collaborating to the care of the following editions.
In more recent years, the Macallè Blues Festival has enjoyed some effective and friendly support of a lot of other people, among which I like to remember, above all, Gianfranco Prato (aka Reverend Blind Slim Fast), musician, dj - or better, bluejay -, devoted to the New Orleans cult and lavish expert of its marshy sound as well as - as he loved to define himself - great sciaman and man of the blues, spiritual father and inspiring guide of some of ours illuminate artistic choices.   

In a shot from September 1994, some of the historical organizers of the Macallè Blues Festival. From left to right: Antonietta Catale, Davide Vergagni, Giovanni Robino, Beppe Aime and Fausto Montanari. Founders to equal level, although lacking in the photo, Fabrizio Marravicini, Beppe Pelizza and Basilio Campisi.

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